• MeerKAT

    The South African MeerKAT radio telescope, is a precursor to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope and will be integrated into the mid-frequency component of SKA.

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  • HERA

    HERA (Hydrogen Epoch of Reionisation Array) will attempt to answer one of the biggest scientific questions today: how did the universe come to be?

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  • KAT-7

    The seven-dish MeerKAT precursor array, KAT-7, is the world’s first radio telescope array consisting of composite antenna structures.

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  • SKA in Africa

    Thousands of SKA antenna dishes will be built in South Africa (in the Karoo, not far from the small town called Carnarvon), with outstations in other parts of South Africa, as well as in eight African partner countries

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The SKA will be the largest radio telescope ever built and will produce science that changes our understanding of the universe. The SKA will be collocated in Australia and in Africa. In Africa the SKA will be built in South Africa and eight other African Countries. SKA South Africa (SKA SA) is responsible for the construction of the SKA in South Africa.

SKA trailer wins award

The Square Kilometre Array was awarded the 2016 European Excellence Award in Public Relations in the category Corporate Film and Video for its new trailer. The awards honour outstanding achievements in communication and PR in different categories. The ceremony was held in Berlin last month.

SKA SA and Kareeberg Local Municipality collaborates

Members of the SKA SA management team had a one day workshop with members of the Kareeberg Local Municipality on 1 February 2017 to provide input to the Municipality’s Integrated Development Planning (IDP). The Municipality undertook to include SKA SA in its five-year development strategy. Through interactions such as this, SKA SA continues to build on the positive relationship with local municipalities through collaborations on different levels and affecting all sectors of the local communities around the project.

Call for 2017 FameLab SKA SA heat now open

SKA SA, in collaboration with the British Council, Jive Media and SAASTA, will host a FameLab heat in Cape Town on Tuesday, 7 March 2017. The heat is open to tertiary education students and young professionals studying or working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in South Africa.  Enter now!

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Find out everything you wanted to know about the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope – or SKA – which will be the world’s biggest telescope – and one of the biggest scientific projects – ever!

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The MeerKAT First Light image of the sky shows unambiguously that MeerKAT is already the best radio telescope of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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We have an extensive gallery of photographs and videos for you to view about MeerKAT, KAT-7, HERA, the Karoo site and more.