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As astronomers gather to discuss scientific potential of MeerKAT, the telescope being built in the Karoo produces its first remarkable image

More than 100 researchers and students are meeting this week to share plans to use the MeerKAT radio telescope. An observation using just 4 of the eventual 64 dishes has produced a remarkable view of the sky, revealing radio galaxies in the distant universe. Read the release

2016 Bursary results

Provisional awards in the Undergraduate and National Diploma Support Programme Applications.


A number of SKA South Africa vacancies are open for application. Check the application deadlines and apply now!

SKA SA Tech News

Read the first issue of the SKA SA Tech News for specialist readers and everyone interested in astronomy and technology.

SKA SA bursary applications for 2017

Doctoral and Masters Bursaries: Apply by 29 July 2016
Supervisors' call for Research Projects proposals (PhD and MSc research): Apply by 29 July 2016
Undergraduate and Honours Bursary Programme: Apply by 19 August 2016
Undergraduate Block Grant Programme: Apply by 19 August 2016
National Diploma Bursary Programme: Apply by 31 August 2016
National Certificate Bursary Programme: Apply by 15 September 2016

Our journey to bring the SKA to Africa

Download Our journey to bring the SKA to Africa - A new brochure and poster from the SKA South Africa Project celebrating the highlights of the past ten years.
Download: Brochure - PDF | Poster
View: Brochure as a flip mag

Q & A - everything you want to know

Find out everything you wanted to know about the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope - or SKA - which will be the world's biggest telescope - and one of the biggest scientific projects - ever!
» Read the Q & A

Interactive panoramas of the future site of the SKA

View huge panoramas with fascinating detail of the site of the core of the future SKA radio telescope in South Africa. Zoom in and discover the detail ...