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About the SKA

The majority of the SKA - the full dish array and the dense aperture array - will be built in Africa. The core - i.e. the region with the highest concentration of receivers - will be constructed in the Northern Cape Province, about 80 km from the town of Carnarvon (the same site as where the MeerKAT is being constructed). The sparse aperture array (low frequency array) will be built in Western Australia.

  • The SKA project
    The Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope - or SKA - will be the world's biggest telescope - and one of the biggest scientific projects - ever!
  • SKA site bid outcome
    On 25 May 2012 the SKA Organisation announced that the SKA would be shared between South Africa and Australia, with a majority share coming to South Africa.
  • Questions and answers
    Find out everything you wanted to know about the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope.