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February 2011
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First HartRAO-KAT-7 VLBI fringes signal new capability
MeerKAT engineers launch new ROACH board
MeerKAT Science - the Large Survey Projects
More power and connectivity milestones for Karoo astronomy reserve
SKA South Africa and NRAO to deepen collaboration in 2011
MeerKAT Karoo Express - flying to the MeerKAT site
Postdoctoral opportunities at SKA South Africa
MeerKAT advances cutting-edge expertise
Students star at SA SKA postgraduate conference
Technician team deployed at KAT-7 in Karoo
Review of Karoo reserve infrastructure
Virtual sky display in MeerKAT control room
SKA online - useful websites

Postdoctoral opportunities at SKA South Africa

By Kim de Boer, SKA SA Human Capacity Development Programme

The postdoctoral fellowship programme at the SKA South Africa provides talented postdoctoral scientists from around the world an opportunity to engage in ongoing research projects related to the mission of the project.

Interested individuals have until 15 March 2011 to apply for postdoctoral fellowships in fields ranging from galactic astronomy to cosmology, including:

  1. Transients, Compact Mass-transferring Binaries (AAS ID 27191), working with Prof Patrick Woudt at the University of Cape Town;

  2. Extragalactic Nearby/Deep HI Studies (AAS ID 27193), working with Prof Erwin de Blok and Dr Sarah Blyth at the University of Cape Town;

  3. Extragalactic High-redshift Molecular Gas Studies, working with Dr Lerothodi Leeuw at the University of Johannesburg;

  4. Galaxy Evolution and Observational Cosmology (two fellowships), working with Profs Roy Maartens, Matt Jarvis and Catherine Cress at the University of the Western Cape;

  5. General Cosmology, working with Prof Bruce Bassett. This fellowship is held jointly between the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the South African Astronomical Observatory.

The SA SKA postdoctoral fellowships are awarded for a period of two years (plus one additional year if agreed to by the host institution, the candidate and the SA SKA Project). The fellowships are renewable every six months based on progress. The value of a postdoctoral fellowship is R300 000 per annum (non-taxable), excluding travel and equipment grants. Write to the research leaders listed above or Kim de Boer for more information.